by Konscious

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released January 30, 2013



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Konscious Encinitas, California

The birth of "Konscious" hip-hop music arose out of a necessity for Kevin to process his viewpoints and feelings, serving to heal himself and eventually inspire change in others through a positive, uplifting message of self realization. Through his gift of explanation and hypnotic delivery, he shares a unique style of hip hop designed to awaken and inspire. ... more

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Track Name: Breathe
Breathe in breathe out from the belly to the chest bring it up and bring it down breathe in breathe out surrender the resistance and let the stress out breathe in breathe out from the belly to the chest bring it up and bring it down breathe in breathe out expand to the heavens with your roots in the ground

Once upon a time I was just but a seed harvested with love and light through my birth came to be not divided by masculine and femininity I was destined for progression expressing infinity but when I came through separation ensued heaven's found through hell cause we all pay our dues through the dark and the light wrong and right lies and truth round and round balancing the actions that we choose cause every step of life holds another loving lesson perceived to be a pain in the ass undercover blessing progressing in my quest through days of work and nights of rest pressing me with questions but there's no answers on this test it stems from my need to know stopping my ebb and flow living in the physical dimension so far from home Jai maa please let me back into your womb love me with your light and let my darkness be consumed


It's humbling every time I step onto my yoga mat bringing deeper breathing in asanas learning to adapt often get caught up between now and then in the slack of where I am and where I want to be and that's when I laugh return my focus to my breath mindful of every step
as I still my gaze my presence increases in depth perspiration drips my patience challenged to exist but we need to suffer just a bit to learn to live in bliss it's back and forth returning to the center is the challenge we need the depth of the sprectrum to know how to balance so we fall and we fall just to get back up again till we master another layer and that cycle comes to end
cause it hurts to die till the time you realize that the part that was lost was just another disguise from birth to death it's just another step the entire macrocosm's reflected in a single breath
Track Name: Please Make ME the SEA
(Chorus 2x)
We're all parts of the whole everything you and me divine souls expressing as human beings In the release of disease we can truly be free I am a bubble please make me the sea I am a bubble please make me the sea

This life just fascinates through the nights and days every morning I surrender until my vibration's raised set ablaze with such love through every connection ingrained with trust that life's just a reflection impressing me with less of an impression destined for progression because every moment holds another lesson
I breathe in love and I breathe out surrender keeping myself centered in balance is my endeavor it's a treasure I hold dear so I try to stay clear but to release the energy I must step out of my sphere so I relax the parts that resists the change the momentum of its movement is at such a fast pace it takes such vigilance to develop my diligence strengthening my will to surrender into bliss

(Chorus 2x)

The Journey can seem long but there's only one moment it's only when we can't let go when we keep on holding onto the things we perceive ourselves to be we must let go to receive the blessing of no beliefs every moment is such a beautiful opportunity
to surrender all the parts of yourself into unity so take a deep breath and take a step back
still your gaze in a state where there's no future or past laugh at mistakes made and embrace the change at an exponential rate coming into this new age so turn the page to a new day and greet it with sincerity because being your true self is the greatest form of charity as you give you shall receive it's a gift when you breathe you can shift once you see the world from a higher tree but keep your roots in the earth and your feet on the ground traveling home following the light and the sound
Track Name: Perception
(Chorus x 2)
Our only difference is perception are you loving life or are you stressing is each and every moment a curse or a blessing open up your heart and let your eyes see the lessons each drop of water returns to the ocean where its destined

Every Day my perception gets the best of me it's the illusions that weave our loom of destiny so I reinvent my recipe investing in the best of me every moment is new I let my old self rest in peace just another cycle just another layer to peel away so I'm second guessing initial impressions in my brain I take a step back deep my breath and perspective Because the outside world is just the inside reflected


Every moment is an opportunity to practice patience embrace the elements of which i'm made and elevate them shifting the earth with this birth we are raising vibrations making changes that we're facing in this nation maya disguises helps us realize this through reminders we must invite these feelings and leave he past behind us and trust in the beautiful present musical movement and use it to boost our influence with such prudence on every single step there's a chance that you could slip it's a slippery slope when you don't surrender your grip on what you think is real because it's what you insist because what you think is real doesn't really exist


From the bottom of the sea to the depths of eternity creative expression draws from infinite possibility so I surrender my mind and align with divine will as concepts start to form until these thoughts are instilled then I release them with a piece of me so I frequently speak to thee with the elegant eloquence of a higher frequency
I relish the embellishment of dressing up the deed so when it travels through the air that the ears respond with need receiving spittin' transmissions from the words that were written expressions of love because this craft has me smitten listening to the sound of silence when it clears because the quieter you become the more that you can hear
Track Name: Set Yourself Free
Every day is different we're reborn every second
be aware of your attention and learn to redirect it
every moment there's a lesson that your life's reflecting
as it's expressing the limitations of your misconceptions
self inspection renders life's best recipe
unveiling layers of illusion of your destiny
let the past rest in peace and learn to flow with the breeze
in the rhythm of life surrendering all disease
resist nothing just do it surrender and be fluid
as you open you expand the sphere of your influence
take action to be the change that you want to see
and inspire the world with your higher frequency

(Chorus 2x)
We all have dreams and they're meant to be reality
even though at times this life can be challenging
just breathe learn to release and just be
spread your wings wide and set yourself free

As we learn to let go we leave a mold in space
so spirit can fill in the impression that's made
manifesting in the physical realm our specific truth
servicing humanity with this life that we choose
transforming darkness of night giving birth to the light
it's the dance of the yin and yang that makes up this life
it's a give and take of the positive and negative embraced
engaged in the body but relaxed in the face
it's the union of truth the sum of me and you
the form is the framework and our love is the glue
creating the connection to each and every dimension
it's all reflected in our sociological invention
and the sky is the limit cause it's all up to you
just follow your heart and make your dreams come true
live in the now where every moment is new
as you learn to just be in all that you do

(Chorus 2x)

Interconnected symbiotic loving and reflective
awakening to truth through ancient knowledge resurrected
clarity is seen through a lens that is inspected
so understanding comes to be through our self introspection
so close your eyes and embrace the darkness inside
make peace with the beast and release the false sense of pride
there's no enemy so allow what is to be
because everything that happens is meant for you and me
the past doesn't matter as it takes no time to shift
so now is the moment to give the whole world your gift
just breathe in deep from the sea to receive
and awake from the sleep of our limiting beliefs
you are the light so learn to love life like it's right
be a guide to the souls lost in the darkest of nights
increasing the vibration shed weight and take flight
raising the nation as we make haste to new heights

(Chorus 2x)
Track Name: Never Be Apart
Open your Mind
Open your Heart
Open up to Love
Never be Apart

A part of me is a part of you
to never be apart is a dream come true
more like waking up from a dream that's untrue
cause everything is one, even me and you
unimaginable beauty in every single form
is perceived when clear of desire for me
surrender is key just release and restore
fall to your knees and proceed to the floor
give up everything you know and stop with the show
be one with the moment and go with the flow
be guided by love through the light that shows
but if you look close enough you'll notice everything glows
like the mud in which the lotus arose
cause growth happens through both the head and the toes
keep your feet on the ground with your head in the clouds
surrender in the body when your mind is aroused


Although we're never apart we play the part
a challenge for those that are brave at heart
only once we've stopped can we learn to start
until there's love for what is life is hard
but it's only a matter of time till we realize
it's something that grows love doesn't die
not of this world outside space and time
it's something that is not something that tries
arise from the ashes of your time seen
love is the fire that wakes us from the dream
be rooted like a tree in the depth of the unseen
and release the stepping stones of belief
it's in that moment when its need is deceased
but with death comes life as the seed is received
giving birth to a world a new angle to be seen
with each new form there's a beauty to perceive


In every moment notice if you're open
or if you're closed and the mind is emoting
thoughts of desire pulled by the hoping
release your concerns and watch them as they're floating
they may remain but won't maintain their pain
and they may regain as we're trained to play their games
let them replay until they're washed away by the rain
till the end of the reign when the mind is untrained
allowing every single form that arises
and then every moment is full of surprises
can't be understood we must realize this
everything is precious this life is priceless
when awareness is present then action is righteous
supported by spirit in a state that is timeless
step out of what's dense into a place of lightness
open up your heart with your ears like this

(Chorus 2x)

Track Name: Searching Through the Days and Nights
I've been running through this maze searching through the days and nights
Trying to see what's real through the veils covering my eyes
Please give me the keys to release me from the illusions of my mind
And help me to recognize the truth of that which is inside

We all search for the truth outside of ourselves
Interpretating everything that's seen and is felt
We learn to perceive and plant seeds of belief
sprouting roots that grow deep so the truth can be reached
when we reach for the heavens we never quite touch
each step to our destination is never enough
though it seems like we're separate from the sun in the sky
the whole field of life bathes in its beams of light
seasons change elements rearrange
what was once familiar now becomes strange
as the day turns to night and the light turns to dark
and the warmth becomes cold feeling left without a spark
life can be harsh but the dark plays its part
as the pieces of the puzzle all start to fall apart
giving birth to a new truth and a new you
but the day will come when it time to shed that too


Our search plays itself out thinking more will help
going to extremes exhausting itself
the mind has an insatiable appetite
when given control over the reigns of your life
cause it know what is wrong and it knows that it's right
so it see what validates its version of life
life doesn't fit in a box try as we might
but when we resist what's real we can never win the fight
once knocked down enough then we finally call it quits
learning to allow that shade of life to exist
it's in that moment that we find ourselves more at peace
till another challenge comes with the change it brings
through the rise and falls of our birth and death
remain the nothingness of truth in the space that is left
as the surface is refurbished with a scenery of depth
then the love starts to flow from the center of our chest

Track Name: Daily Rhythm
As I wake up in the morning and I get out of my bed I take a moment to shift into the center of my head to find the balance within in this current time and space otherwise i'm challenged by every moment of the day as my body starts to move I find the rhythm in the groove all the body parts in unison with the breath that I use get the energy changing through some sun salutations moving through inertia from the action that is changing it adjacent to the ways that override the way my brain is set from all the days of life that tell us why the rain is wet cause life is much harder till you learn to put the mind in check opening your eyes to the lessons that your life reflects like a reflex as it's ingrained in your brain a heavenly reminder to help you remain sane learning on the daily new balanced to maintain but it's all just what is cause it's just another day

(Chorus 2x)
I find my daily rhythm in this life that i've been given I am gratefully guided by love and light and I am driven cause it's the way that we choose to move with or against that causes life to either embrace us or resist

There's different rhythms for different days sometimes lead astray by the many facades of this maze with its veil it shades blocking what the eyes can see creating quite the oddysey when blinded by the lack of light a glimmer is astonishing
thus feeling blessed upon returning to the light often followed by the sound of release through a sigh as we shift into that space where all things are fine because we learn to just be from all of the times that we tried it's a dance as we learn to flow in the daily grind
it's a chance to plant seeds that will grow inside the minds of the people that we touch through our trust in the divine cause when we surrender our thoughts then love is what we find helping us to connect to the heart of all things in the place that surrounds where time is just a dream and learning to perceive meaning in between the lines as it's the space in between in which we free our minds
Track Name: Seeker
(Chorus 2x)
Everyday I wake up in this illusion when controlled by my mind I am left in confusion wanting to be free some the state of disease but the wanting is what keeps me from this peace

Pulled by desire as I'm pushed as I'm pushed by fear burning in this fire until my mind is clear with each glimpse of the whole I release my soul I see the tricks of my mind in the stories that I'm told but as I peel back another layer of the disguise I feel the veil slip back over my eyes it's only through the darkness that we come to know the light
until the truth of our being is fully realized experiences of clarity come and go grasping to the memory is all part of the show and the show must go on until it plays itself out until the actors become the audience without a mouth so we try as we might with the light in pursuit
but the state of being is something that you just can't do it arises only when the truth is seen when we come into the light and wake up from this dream

(Chorus 2x)

The momentum of the mind obscures the divine like rocks dropped in a lake making waves of time layers of fallacy between you and reality trapped in physicality a challenging reality with each layer feeling raw but at the same time strong transcending concepts of right and wrong because you learn to feel more but somehow it hurts less becoming more alive with each and every death increased sensitivity and awareness of the breath
watch yourself fall away until there's nothing left it's the paradox of life the dance of dark and light the beauty in the rhythm of intelligent design no matter what arises in this human rendering you're nothing and everything keep on surrendering know that you're not just a part of the whole
but the whole reflected in a part living as a soul

(Chorus 2x)

Help us flow in the eternal exchange of the yin and yang elevate the elements of which we're made everyday as they rearrange until we no longer remain in the same way until we fade and change planes help us learn to see the beauty of a tree with its roots that grow deep and its leaves that receive the gift of life within the source of the light as it grows to the sky where the heavens reside its the earth that gives birth to all the forms that arise but the seed is received from the unseen breath of life the form and the formlessness are adjoined seemingly separate but sides of the same coin it's all just a dream yet as real as can be so there's nowhere to go but there's so much to see so much depth to explore in this life of poetry may all beings everywhere be happy and free Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu