Let the Rhythm Hit You

from by Konscious

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Just Feel, Absorb, and Flow


Just breathe deep relax and release
use each exhale to make space for ease
remember that you're free in this moment just be
love yourself like a child passionately
cause we're all here together angels on a mission
to hear fear our endeavor hearts with ambition
stop and listen let your eyes just glisten
open them wide to the beauty that we're witnessing
though the challenges are always persisting
knocking on our door with a gift of higher vision
we steadily learn from the days that have past
as we travel through the maze we must constantly adapt
lose track of the facts let them melt like wax
remember that we could never ever lack
just pretenders in beautiful bodies that are lenders
shifting through this hologram so perfectly rendered

(Chorus 2x)
Just feel the music and let the rhythm hit you
then wield and use it to be living in truth
be the best you you invest when you choose
you got everything to gain and nothing to lose

In every moment we become something new
another view to use to choose what it is true
to unlearn what has been taught let it all be forgot
cause the momentum of love cannot be stopped
that's all there really is anyway its just a game we play
through an archetypal interface in which we contemplate
heavens gate every day to escape
feelings made to be saved in our embrace
make space for grace in every shade of this place
give thanks and praise for each wound that you taste
knowing that very soon it will be changed
stirred by the silence of the moon's enchanting gaze
as reflections intensify you become aligned
between the love of your heart and the wisdom of your mind
fully integrating every part along the spine
because nothing's excluded everything's divine

(Chorus 2x)

Nothing to lose but a layer of the ruse
and nothing to do but you're player what's your move
or are you just a piece in this game who really choosed
your life is always changing so you have a fluid truth
always moving like the rhythm soothing you
in all ways choosing to be living in truth
but i can only see from this particular view
so i surrender and love myself by loving you
because love is all we need for the pain to be released
awakening to our beautiful humanity
by loving the people that have been damaging
because they're all just a part of us asking for bandaging
learn to be a loving parent in your handling
embodying the love that your soul is channeling
shifting from view to view on this journey traveling
through the movie of your life gradually unraveling


from Embodiment, released January 16, 2015




Konscious Encinitas, California

The birth of "Konscious" hip-hop music arose out of a necessity for Kevin to process his viewpoints and feelings, serving to heal himself and eventually inspire change in others through a positive, uplifting message of self realization. Through his gift of explanation and hypnotic delivery, he shares a unique style of hip hop designed to awaken and inspire. ... more

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